Feywild complete set list?

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Feywild complete set list?

Hi all. Let's use this thread to create a list of all known Feywild minis that actually got printed.

Include any minis with the Feywild symbol on the bottom, that you're sure exist somewhere in the world, ideally with some photographic proof.

12/60 Berbalang

Any others?

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Here's more info, from a post on maximinis in April 2010


Beholder Eye Tyrant 11/60
Banshrae Warrior 52/60
Aspect of Vecna 15/60
Medusa Petrifier 50/60 (called Medusa Archer in Dangerous Delves)
Clay Golem Sentinel 42/60 (called Clay Golem in Dangerous Delves)
Githzerai Zerth #57/60
Cyclops Crusher #30
War Devil #13
Unicorn Beacon of Strength #6 (name change)
Farris, Nightbringer, Elf Ranger 3/60
Bladerager Troll 25/60
Aboleth Slime Mage, 19/60
Bonechill Chimera, 29/60
Hellstinger Scorpion ?

Skalmad, Troll King #3/5
with the comment about 3/5 that "it's from the cancelled '09 Starter Set." With additional info:
The minis that were scheduled to be in the 2009 starter were:

Skalmad the Troll King (released in Dangerous Delves)
Gnoll Huntmaster (released in Dangerous Delves)
Dragonborn Rogue (released in Player's Handbook Heroes series 1, Martial Heroes 1)
Halfling Cleric (released in PHH1, Divine Heroes 1)
Woodland Defender (presumably the Female Elf Druid in PHH1 Primal Heroes 1)

Other Notes from that thread:

They also apparently have an identifier on the bottom:

As another note, the bases are very different in their layout and content. The Feywild bases are much thicker, which makes me wonder if they simply "burned off" some plastic and restamped them for the Dangerous Delves. As for the content difference, I'll use the Unicorn as an example.

Dangerous Delves:
Top: DDM1
Center: Unicorn
Line One: 36/40
Line Two: (Diamond, showing uncommon)
Line Three: ©2009 WIZARDS C-082A (in VERY small text)

Line One: (Feywild icon)
Line Two: 6/60, Good W 37
Center: Unicorn Beacon of Strength (split to two lines)
Line One: (Diamond, showing uncommon)
Line Two: ©2009 WIZARDS C-082A (in VERY small text)

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Others from that Facebook post:

Warlock Knight of Vaasa 14/60 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214640437385798&set=p.10214640437385798&type=3&theater

Bloodeye of Gruumsh 7/60 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214640433145692&set=p.10214640433145692&type=3&theater

Frostrager Barbarian 31/60 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214640440545877&set=p.10214640440545877&type=3&theater

And further confirmation:
Picture of Aspect of Vecna https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214640435625754&set=p.10214640435625754&type=3&theater

Medusa Petrifier https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214640439625854&set=p.10214640439625854&type=3&theater

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