Epic Starter this weekend.

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Epic Starter this weekend.

Its my current plan. I'm completely happy with it.

The Finns are done design. (Thank you Antti and Ville.)

The Immigrant Canadians are done development (That's me.)

The Americans are giving it a last once-over for power check and templating (Thank you, Ira!).

And it should be in your hands before too much longer.
Invest now. Its really good.

(I'm not saying that Jaristan has 180HP,or that on some maps, Tulipala can convert >20 squares to fire terrain, or that Pieni is the coolest halfling ever designed, but its very close to this...)



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plastic finn
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Close Attack Area Attack


It's the season for presents, too. Recommended material for packaging to oneself (or that significant other DDM player)... Wink

Hopefully you people will like it! At the very least we'll have new unique ways to build warbands.

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I bought the set if only because of the map. Map = auto-sell.

That said, I'm looking forward to the seeing what the international D&D (design and development) team did!

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Very excited indeed! Laughing out loud

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Guys, I think I have a final version, but would like to give the designers one last once over, so tomorrow may work better...


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