Painted creatures from the Adventure Series...

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Painted creatures from the Adventure Series...

Here are some of the creatures I've recently painted from minis in the Ashardalon/LoD/Ravenloft sets...


Outnumbered again!

A second dracolich joins in...

A fair fight?!

Backup for the dracolich...


Ladies and Devils!


...just began painting minis about 2 months ago, lots of inspiration from the work of others online...

Matob Matobsen
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I love your pink dracolich!!

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Thanks! It was inspired by a pic I saw of another painter's work, and I really didn't think it would turn out that great for me, but I like it as well!

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The female dwarf looks a little bit like a Space Marine in blue and gold.. Smile

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Kudos, those are some really cool paintings.

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You are really amazing, you did great in painting this action figures.