Original Edition

New Maps!

Some of you might remember a DDM Map Design contest from more than a year ago. I've been reluctant to post much about it because I wasn't entirely sure we'd ever actually get new maps. It's a long process to refine the maps, playtest, work with the artists, revise, work with printers, revise, get the maps printed, and eventually make them available for sale.

Ten Years of DDM The Decade in Retrospect: Part III, Transition

We continue with the third in our series of DDM retrospectives.
By Moraturi


Product Releases for 2007

Mid January
The Gargantuan Blue Dragon was released as the third in the line of Icons. This was greeted as one one of the most dynamic gargantuan sculpts to date.

March 5th
Unhallowed was released in booster packs which contained 8 figures (4 Commons, 3 Uncommons, and 1 Rare). There were a total of 60 figures in the set, including a total of 12 Commons, 24 Uncommons and 24 Rares.

July 6th

Lords of Madness for Original Edition beta

I proudly present you the Beta version of Original Edition (OE) Lords of Madness D&D Miniatures expansion set, but, first, let me introduce myself, my revision team and our “modus operandi”. This is the very first time I write here, so you can imagine I am a bit exited!

DDM Guild releases new Minis

DDM Guild today anounces the release of a new, orthogonal set of miniatures that will be overseen by the DDM Guild.

Head of Organized Play, D.Garry Stupack, explains this release: “We are trying to reach a new demographic. We want to involve families with children in the game. We’ve softened the figures somewhat.”

Original Edition PHH1 final release

Here is the final, legal for play release of the Original Edition Player’s Handbook Heroes 1. These retrostatted figures are legal for your original edition sanctioned games, starting now.

PHH1 Original Edition Beta

Here we present Player’s Handbook Heroes-Origins, a retrostat of the post-original edition heroes for use in your ‘1.0’ games. While I certainly had a major hand in these designs, credit goes to two crusaders, Matt Kempe and Peter Scott, for keeping the ‘1.0 projects’ going forward. I hope that all of you are happy with the general 1.0 feel of these dedicated 2.0 pieces.