The Solamith returns, Guildmaster leaves

From time to time, the DDM Guild will ban figures which endanger the health of competitve play. This occurs when figures become troublesome for timely execution of play, or otherwise limit the overall potential diversity of the organized play experience.


One such creature was the Solamith, whose radius 3 blast slowed competitive games to a crawl. Solamith was banned very recently, and we are now bringing him back, with stats that should allow him to keep his relative power level (more or less) but which don’t require opponents to waste the early game counting out radius 3 area attacks for every single move they attempt.

Wilders and Guildmasters

Two more creatures are now added to the ban list. While we are sensitive to the plight of a fellow guild master, it was difficult to generate sympathy for the Vampire Guild Master. This undead menace can cause hundreds of points of damage to an enemy warband even before the warbands trace line of sight to each other. He was described to be – at best – ‘unfun.’ The Catfolk Wilder, on the other hand, was an older miniature that has been ubiquitous in championship warbands these last few years, in part because she had an overload power that was an intrinsically confusing part of play. This power created more questions, and ‘gotcha’ situations, in the championships than I care to enumerate. So, a fix was in order. Both of these creatures are now banned. That said, this is the shortest ban ever, since we are introducing new stats for them right here, right now. So, you can still play them as you wish without missing a single day of play. Both of these creatures have been adjusted to allow them to exist in a healthy organized play environment.

To Delve yet again…

The last figure to gain new stats here is the Delver Sergeant, who has the ignomious distinction of being the only mini to require a double revision, indicated by 2 dots on her currently legal card. She now has both of her champion powers written in such a way as to allow her to play a healthy role supporting, rather than unbalancing, organized play.

Prior Banned Figures

We’ve also include both of the previously banned figures (the Eternal Blade and the Witchknife) , so that all six of these banned figures that require restats are available right here in one document.

The Download

That’s my piece. Let’s hear what you have to say. Download the stats, and post your thoughts.


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Well done Mr. Creators. Hope you will make more, cause I will be looking forward for it. - Scott Sohr Nashville

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