Hello Minis Players! While the DDM guild will not have an official presence at GenCon, we will have an unofficial presence, in the form of, well, me. I will be demonstrating the new Dungeon Command game that was written by Kevin Tatroe, and each set comes with some very cool minis. If you've been wanting themed sets, well, you've got them now. And if you want to get together for some DDM, as many of us do, we'll fill you in on that plan, too!

My hours allow me to run one big event on Thursday night, and two smaller events on the Friday and Saturday. So the plan is pretty simple. We will run our GenCon champions tournament on thursday night. More information to come, as we will likely post very frequently this week. For thursday, the format will be 8 figure, 200 points, on small maps (since we expect space to be limiting). I may play this year, so if you have a good extra warband in this format, bring it for me. Smile

Friday night is the dungeon run. You will need some minis for this, so bring a sealed booster. Those interested can assemble after 8pm, and I would suggest that we meet in the Marriott where I run the Dungeon Command demos. Then, we can find some room to roll out the big map.

Saturday night, we have the same plan for the Community Draft. Bring a prize and a booster or two, - with cards for those boosters, and you should be good to go.

All of these activities have been organized by Phoenix Inferno on Warhorn. This is a way to let people know you are coming, and more importantly, its a way to let me know how much room we need to try to find.

For those with extra time, I'll be there Wednesday night and will attempt to find suitable space in the lobby of the Marriott hotel, across from the convention center. Definitely playing minis of some sort.

Expect more this week, including a little more on Dungeon Command and Stat Cards for the miniatures from the popular board games. Tomorrow will mark a pixie sized surprise, moving into more meaty matters by the weekend.


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Was wondering when there would be an announcement. Also, More Progress is being made on the Championship Trophy! See you all there:)


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What point value is the Community Draft being played to? 200? Will maps be provided for Community Draft (and Dungeon Run, for that matter)?

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Community draft will likely be 100 or 150 points. Depends on the types of boosters brought. I'll bring some filler commons, so folks should only have to bring one booster.

As for maps, I think we have some coming. I'm trying to get tiles made in time.
(map-specific tiles...)

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