2011 Qualifer Locations

Here is the list of locations that will be holding qualifying tournaments that earn the winners byes for both the European and North American Championships. Remember that either continental championship could be the world championship – it all depends on which tournament has more entrants. The largest tournament crowns the winner.

Constructed Qualifiers Fact Sheet

When April 16th —July 04, 2011 at locations worldwide.
Format Tournaments will be 200-point Assault format using the current version of the Revised Edition Dungeons&Dragons® Miniatures Battle Rules. Tournament Logistics

  • Swiss rounds – Maximum length of 60 minutes per round, number of rounds based on attendance
  • All players may participate in all Swiss rounds; top 4 players Swiss players enter a playoff bracket.
  • Tournaments must be DCI sanctioned and reported.
  • 16K, Competitive REL
  • All DCI Universal Tournament Rules and Dungeons & Dragons® Miniatures Tournament Competitive Floor Rules & Penalty Guide rules are in effect for this event.
  • Also refer to the most current edition of the Dungeons & Dragons® Miniatures Game Battle Rules.
  • Players should bring pen, paper, battle map, miniatures, counters and appropriate stat cards.

Entry Fee and Prize Schedule

  • Entry fee and prize schedule can vary by location, but will in each case include product prize awards.
  • Top players will receive byes to the European Championships and to the GenCon Championships, as shown in the following table (tournament must be DCI sanctioned):
  • Number of Players….Placing (Number of Byes Awarded)
  • 6-8…...1st(1), 2nd(1)
  • 9-12…..1st(1), 2nd(1), 3rd(1)
  • 13-16….1st(2), 2nd(1), 3rd(1), 4th(1)
  • 17+...... 1st(2), 2nd(2), 3rd(1), 4th(1)

Dates and Locations

  • May 14th Battleground Games Abington, MA 781-261-9669
  • May 14th Moenen & Mariken Nijmigen, ND, EU    www.moenen-en-mariken.nl
  • May 15th Alternate Universes Blue Bell, PA 610-277-7251
  • May 15th  Kelterer Haus Seevetal, DE, EU glorfindas@arcor.de
  • May 28th  KublaCon/Hyatt Regency Burlingame, CA www.kublacon.com
  • May 28th Craving for a Game Surrey, BC, Canada 604 580 2856
  • June 4th DDM Organized Play HQ San Diego , CA ddmguildop@gmail.com
  • June 11th Dragon’s Den, Sioux Falls, SD 605-361-4343
  • June 11th Bayou Wars Con/Radisson Kenner, LA mini@xocomp.net
  • June 18th Trilogy Gaming Club Calgary, AB, Canada 403-279-2290
  • Note that the Finnish Nationals were played (with Guild Permission)on April 16th.


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