Special scenarios released by the DDM Guild.

Campaign Cards are Here!

After months in development, the Campaign Cards are truly here. I guess by ‘here’, I actually mean here.

These were first revealed for the group at D&D Experience in Fort Wayne, and those folks walked away with some preprinted cardstock, ready to start their games immediately. Now, the rest of us can join in.

Scenario D3: Drow Insurrection

You can now download D3, Drow Insurrection, a brand-new 2-player scenario.

The scenario continues the Drow War campaign. D3 sees the true villainy of House Scy’Todes become apparent in vicious attacks against House P’Ortia. Having weakened House P’Ortia and spread out her assets, Scy’Todes has been discovered and must quickly deal a lethal blow to the upstart house. P’Ortia is outnumbered, but can summon reinforcements quickly. Can they prevail?

Scenario CH1: Icingdeath

The dragon slept soundly beside its treasure in the largest chamber of the ice caves, confident after many years of solitude that it would not be disturbed. Ingeloakastimizilian, more commonly known as Icingdeath, had made the same mistake that many of its kin, with their lairs in similar caves of ice, had made.

Gen Con 2009 Special Event

As you’ve seen during the last few months, the DDM Guild has been pushing the game in new directions. The last few months has seen the release of new item cards, with more to be released each year. (Some very soon.) If you’ve played in our online league, you’ve seen the testing of new constructed formats, including warbands built around keywords instead of factions. We are taking this to the next level at Gen Con, where players will play module D3: Drow Insurrection.

Scenario D2: Drow Intervention

You can now download Scenario D2, Drow Intervention, which can be played as either a two-player game or a multi-player scenario.

The format sees House P'Ortia continue its raids against Clan Mardek. At least it seems like this is the case with a cursory observation. But there certainly are strange things afoot. For one thing, the dwarf sages tell us that Clan P'Ortia isn't one of the demon-blessed drow houses; rather, it is a travel and trade-based house. So why is there a draegloth in that warband?

Scenario DW1: The Frost Giant's Picket

The Drow Wars continue, or at least a small chapter in them. This week's scenario, the Frost Giant's Picket, utilizes the popular Arena format and pits frost giant against dwarf in the snowy realms of the Windswept Precipice. Slog along with dwarves as they attempt to light a signal fire, or play the ambushers to test your entrapment skills. The grognards among you will see the connection between the drow and their frost giant allies, even if the Eberron-born think they are the ones that should be fighting.