2011 Wild toolkit

So, this was supposed to go up 3 months ago. And then…lots of stuff happened that occupied my attention. However, I finally had enough time to complete it, and its done! Anyway, for your reading pleasure, may I present a Competitive Toolkit.

Original Edition PHH1 final release

Here is the final, legal for play release of the Original Edition Player’s Handbook Heroes 1. These retrostatted figures are legal for your original edition sanctioned games, starting now.

Orcus, Prince of Undeath

Long awaited, much anticipated, here is Orcus! The Orcus scenario pits a seasoned group of adventurers against the Prince of the Undead, in one of his lairs. But beware, for recent events have left Orcus in a greatly empowered state. (perhaps a recent encounter with the Raven Queen?)

Whether you play the role of Orcus, revelling in your role as a merciless titan, or take on the role of the underdog Heroes out to stop him, the scenario is dynamic and has a high replay factor. Enjoy!

Download Orcus here

Championship Qualifier Call for 2011

When the Gen Con Indy events go live, you will see a full slate of DDM events sponsored by your friendly DDM Guild. More than last year, you ask?
Check! Championships run straight through on one day? Check! (some of the top 8 matches may be sunday morning) And speaking of the Championships, if it is an open event, why are you having qualifiers? How will qualification for what has traditionally been the biggest constructed DDM event of the year work?

HeroScape Wave 13

Back at the end of November, we released the Heroscape wave 13 betas, with a a bit of explanation of the ideas and direction that went into their design.

PHH1 Original Edition Beta

Here we present Player’s Handbook Heroes-Origins, a retrostat of the post-original edition heroes for use in your ‘1.0’ games. While I certainly had a major hand in these designs, credit goes to two crusaders, Matt Kempe and Peter Scott, for keeping the ‘1.0 projects’ going forward. I hope that all of you are happy with the general 1.0 feel of these dedicated 2.0 pieces.

2011 Floor Rules

The new floor rules for 2011 are ready, and as always apply to both the revised edition and for those of you playing the original edition. The big changes for most people will include the much anticipated ban of the Solamith, and the formalization of the return to active play of the Eternal Blade, Witchknife and Delver Sergeant. You may notice that the Heroscape wave 13 figures are listed as legal.

Happy Valentine's Day

Strange things are afoot…

Valentine’s day is a day of loves held and lost, of both joy and sometimes, loneliness. In all cases, it is a day of mischief for Cupid. This year in particular, Cupid has been causing strange pairings with his magic arrows. Owlbears with Otyughs, Mindflayers with Minotaurs. Something is wrong, and clearly, Cupid needs to be stopped.

Item Rules Beta

For 2011, items will continue to develop into an important part of the DDM skirmish game, just as they are staples of the RPG. The current rules constrain how we can design and distribute items, and I’ve long felt that, at least for organized play, we need to look at alternative implementations of the item rules. To this end, I’d like to preview, and beta test, this new item rule that could be used for the upcoming constructed season. Here is a snippet from one version under consideration.

Treasure Trove III, Epic Arcanum

Here we present Treasure Trove III, a collection of epic items to add options, even spice, to your miniatures game. Some of you will point out that a few of these items look familiar, as they were playtested as part of the ‘E1 beta’ release. You may notice a few small changes or tweaks as they were developed following the playtest. Other items are new arrivals, including two new items for the newly ‘un-banned’ Eternal Blade.