Gargantuan Blue Dragon scenario

The DDM Guild is pleased to release the scenario and stat card for the Gargantuan Blue Dragon.

The scenario that we’ve chosen is focuses on a very special ancient Blue Dragon; Iymrith the Queen of the Cold Desert; Dragon of the Statues. The link to the scenario is further down in the article, but for those interested in Iymrith’s background… You can read more about her here.. I think you will see why we chose her as our Iconic Blue.

The Solamith returns, Guildmaster leaves

From time to time, the DDM Guild will ban figures which endanger the health of competitve play. This occurs when figures become troublesome for timely execution of play, or otherwise limit the overall potential diversity of the organized play experience.

GenCon Event Run Down

This year, the DDM Guild will be putting on more events than ever at GenCon. Come join us for some of the fun! If you aren’t sure which events to attend, a full description is available here to help you pick and choose which events are right for you.

2011 Qualifer Locations

Here is the list of locations that will be holding qualifying tournaments that earn the winners byes for both the European and North American Championships. Remember that either continental championship could be the world championship – it all depends on which tournament has more entrants. The largest tournament crowns the winner.

DDM Guild releases new Minis

DDM Guild today anounces the release of a new, orthogonal set of miniatures that will be overseen by the DDM Guild.

Head of Organized Play, D.Garry Stupack, explains this release: “We are trying to reach a new demographic. We want to involve families with children in the game. We’ve softened the figures somewhat.”

2011 Wild toolkit

So, this was supposed to go up 3 months ago. And then…lots of stuff happened that occupied my attention. However, I finally had enough time to complete it, and its done! Anyway, for your reading pleasure, may I present a Competitive Toolkit.

Original Edition PHH1 final release

Here is the final, legal for play release of the Original Edition Player’s Handbook Heroes 1. These retrostatted figures are legal for your original edition sanctioned games, starting now.

Orcus, Prince of Undeath

Long awaited, much anticipated, here is Orcus! The Orcus scenario pits a seasoned group of adventurers against the Prince of the Undead, in one of his lairs. But beware, for recent events have left Orcus in a greatly empowered state. (perhaps a recent encounter with the Raven Queen?)

Whether you play the role of Orcus, revelling in your role as a merciless titan, or take on the role of the underdog Heroes out to stop him, the scenario is dynamic and has a high replay factor. Enjoy!

Download Orcus here

Championship Qualifier Call for 2011

When the Gen Con Indy events go live, you will see a full slate of DDM events sponsored by your friendly DDM Guild. More than last year, you ask?
Check! Championships run straight through on one day? Check! (some of the top 8 matches may be sunday morning) And speaking of the Championships, if it is an open event, why are you having qualifiers? How will qualification for what has traditionally been the biggest constructed DDM event of the year work?

HeroScape Wave 13

Back at the end of November, we released the Heroscape wave 13 betas, with a a bit of explanation of the ideas and direction that went into their design.