Conquest of Nerath Legal Figures UPDATED

While the original post was somewhat of an April Fool's joke, the response has been great - even surprising, both on boards, forums and those of you who took time to contact me directly. So, what is a poor guildmaster to do? I've gone back and edited the stats to allow this to release a legal set of figures that are interesting, but will not unbalance the game. And if it adds one more reason to pick up the Conquest of Nerath board game, terrific! Please use the most recent file for the Conquest of Nerath Miniature Set.

We'll see what we can do moving forward to convince you that picking up this game is a good thing. I'll come up with three more reasons in the next week. In the meantime, enjoy the original April Fool's article.

Here There Be Dragons...

At long last, we are happy to release the stat-cards for the latest D&D Miniatures release: the Dragon Collector's Set. As you know each dragon is unique. After all, a village is almost never menaced by 'a' dragon - you always hear stories about 'the' dragon. It seems like, at least in the stories, these dragons are never alike, and so we aimed at doing this with the current set.

Coldsnap, Ruin of Frostkeel

Rob Lyon & D.Garry Stupack
With the advent of the new Dragon Collectors Set, and the release of the dragon stats imminent, we thought we'd release some fiction to paint a very brief character portrait of the type of creatures these unique dragons are. Coldsnap, our wonderful white dragon, is first. She's a little more clever than most, and has some unexpected talents, but we don't think you'll mind.

WotC opens playtest on new D&D Miniatures skirmish

Wizards of the Coast is planning to launch a new D&D Miniatures skirmish board game. Our own guild master, Kevin Tatroe, did the initial design work. After that several people from Wizards of the Coast have developed the game, including Rodney Thompson and Peter Lee. Some DDM Guild members have already played it, and all of them seem positive about it. To make this game even better, Wizards of the Coast wants your help playtesting it.

NeonCon 2011 Events!

The DDM Guild will be present at Neoncon 2011, November 3-6 in Las Vegas. You'll find all events the DDM Guild has planned for the show in this announcement. As you might expect, we have events planned over all 4 days. We are continuing to program a good mix of light-hearted romps with a couple of competitive events - a good balance for a fun weekend. We hope to see you all there.

Epic Set 2: Feymire

GenCon saw a surpise releases of the new epic set with boosters that were packaged by the DDM guild members themselves. The boosters (8/box, 7 cases total) were used in league all weekend, and a couple of them even ended up finding their way to tables during the community draft.

Lords of Madness for Original Edition beta

I proudly present you the Beta version of Original Edition (OE) Lords of Madness D&D Miniatures expansion set, but, first, let me introduce myself, my revision team and our “modus operandi”. This is the very first time I write here, so you can imagine I am a bit exited!

2011 D&D Miniatures Constructed Championship Report

I for one never thought I would win the D&D Miniatures Championship this year. Sure, I’m a decent player, and I did spend a little time warband building and practicing, but this year was one I was just happy to actually be at GenCon, much less do well in the Championships, or more wild yet, win the Championship.

DDM Constructed Championship

The 2011 D&D Miniatures Constructed Champion is Matthew J. Noble, also known as Sirohk, after an epic battle with last year's Constructed Champion Joel Broveleit. Congratulations are in order! Sirohk is writing a tournament report, which will be posted on this website in a few days.

This forumpost has more information on the progress of the D&D Miniatures Constructed Championship 2011.

News From GENCON

Play was fun today. Tournament 3 (bloodwar) that pits goblins against orcs, is underway with round one a few minutes old now.
There are 12 players.

This afternoon we played the gladiators tourney, which saw James Prather go 5-0, and Joel Barnabe finish second at 4-0. 6 players finished after that with 3 wins in a field of 15. The format was popular.

This morning we had 11 out for the Epic Beginnings tournament, where trebuchets and rakshasas ran rampant, yet did not win it all.

Many in league are playing with the Feymire boosters that were packaged by the guild.