Epic Set 2: Feymire

GenCon saw a surpise releases of the new epic set with boosters that were packaged by the DDM guild members themselves. The boosters (8/box, 7 cases total) were used in league all weekend, and a couple of them even ended up finding their way to tables during the community draft.

Lords of Madness for Original Edition beta

I proudly present you the Beta version of Original Edition (OE) Lords of Madness D&D Miniatures expansion set, but, first, let me introduce myself, my revision team and our “modus operandi”. This is the very first time I write here, so you can imagine I am a bit exited!

2011 D&D Miniatures Constructed Championship Report

I for one never thought I would win the D&D Miniatures Championship this year. Sure, I’m a decent player, and I did spend a little time warband building and practicing, but this year was one I was just happy to actually be at GenCon, much less do well in the Championships, or more wild yet, win the Championship.

DDM Constructed Championship

The 2011 D&D Miniatures Constructed Champion is Matthew J. Noble, also known as Sirohk, after an epic battle with last year's Constructed Champion Joel Broveleit. Congratulations are in order! Sirohk is writing a tournament report, which will be posted on this website in a few days.

This forumpost has more information on the progress of the D&D Miniatures Constructed Championship 2011.

News From GENCON

Play was fun today. Tournament 3 (bloodwar) that pits goblins against orcs, is underway with round one a few minutes old now.
There are 12 players.

This afternoon we played the gladiators tourney, which saw James Prather go 5-0, and Joel Barnabe finish second at 4-0. 6 players finished after that with 3 wins in a field of 15. The format was popular.

This morning we had 11 out for the Epic Beginnings tournament, where trebuchets and rakshasas ran rampant, yet did not win it all.

Many in league are playing with the Feymire boosters that were packaged by the guild.

The Item Compendium - update

The suggestion came from the Guild membership, and it was a good one. Could we have a central place to find all of the magic items - a super-set? It was a great idea, and we've assembled this for you in the all new DDM Item Compendium, available just in time for GenCon (at least, in time for those of you who will be making the con).

Update: The changelist of the first 3 sets is included in this post.

Preview: Item compendium

The DDM Guild is proud to preview the Item Compendium. The Item Compendium, which will be released in the next few days, because we're in the final stages of spell checking. It will be legal for all D&D Miniatures tournaments at GenCon 2011. I am not certain it is going to have any game-breaking pieces in it, but, I can preview a little bit here. The Item Compendium will be a resource, detailing non-creature items you can add to the warband.

2011 GenCon Constructed Championship

Here we have the rules for the 2011 GenCon championships next month, which will bring players from all over North America to compete for prizes, bragging rights and the title of 2011 D&D Miniatures North American champion (and quite possibly World champion).

Welcome to the renewed DDM Guild website

Maybe you haven't noticed, but we've changed our website. The layout hasn't really changed, but there are a lot of changes under the hood. In this post we tell you what is working right now, and what we are implementing in the near future. Rest assured that we want to be the premiere source for your Dungeons&Dragons Miniatures needs.

2011 revised edition rulebook - beta

It was probably bound to happen sooner or later. It is a living game. If the players all keep asking for a new rule book, with new rules to cover newly arising situations, well, we couldn’t say no forever.

Certainly, the designs in the last few sets of creatures have pushed the envelope of the game, and the current rules, while excellent, started to have a few gray areas for the judges to ponder.