Blood of Gruumsh

The Orcs are here! Grab your d20 and start building Borderlands. Part I of a 3 part arc featuring the miniatures in the new set is here. And so are the stats for nine of the ten minis...

Server issues

You have probably noticed that the website wasn't available during the last week. This was because our host moved the website from our old server to a new one. To make it all work, we had to point to the new server and that took way too long, due to a typo and following flu.

So I owe you guys an apology. I'm pretty sure this won't happen again.

Dungeon Command Equivalencies List (and more...)

Many folks new to the game are wondering which minis are which, and where to find there stat cards. Which set did the original card for the resculpts come from? Even the old grognards of the game have a tough time remembering which mini is which.

Three - no wait -six! Six New Sculpts


From the three corners of the world, three new DDM miniatures have come forward, and we have their stat cards for you right here.

Of course, we had them for you before, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it seems our server lost a month of updates. These figures were released in time for the European Championships, but none made a big splash. Unfortunate, because I can imagine that some might have been good against the warband that actually won!

2012 Organized Play: Human Fighter Lord Modified

This year the competitive play has been fierce, with a number of different warbands maintaining their capacity to inflict heavy losses on the enemy. One figure, however, emerged as somewhat broken when analyzed by 2012 North American Champ Brad Shugg; The Human Fighter Lord.

Winning a Championship carries clout, but when you win, and then tell the Guild that the key piece you won with is much too powerful, the Guild certainly pays attention. Brad had 3 Fighter Lord's in his warband, all using Lodestones.

Underdark Toolkit

And now we have a second installment in the toolkit series, also by Moraturi. This time, we delve down into the darkest depths of the earth, looking for the most fearsome creatures to build a warband with...

The Underdark Toolkit
by Moraturi
The following lists are intended to be used for 200 point competitive play (assault format).

Borderlands Toolkit

Borderlands Toolkit

This toolkit article, by longtime DDM player Moraturi, is intended to provide an overview of all the pieces you need to know to put together a competitive warband. And James gives you clues on how to do that, as well...

Board Game Equivalents

Its long overdue, but we finally have the stats from the unique miniatures one can find in the popular WoTC Adventure System board games. These include new, legal stats for the ever-popular Regis and Catti-Brie, as well as Jarlaxle and other friends. The stats are good for the unpainted miniatures included in those games, or any painted, identical sculpt released in the Dungeon Command series now or in the future.

A Pixie-Sized Surprise

We've received emails in the past asking if the stats for the WotC produced Conquest of Nerath figures were legal for DDM. The answer? Still a resounding yes. I'd like to add three new reasons to consider the game, even if they are small and in some cases may seem insignificant.


Hello Minis Players! While the DDM guild will not have an official presence at GenCon, we will have an unofficial presence, in the form of, well, me. I will be demonstrating the new Dungeon Command game that was written by Kevin Tatroe, and each set comes with some very cool minis. If you've been wanting themed sets, well, you've got them now. And if you want to get together for some DDM, as many of us do, we'll fill you in on that plan, too!