Just in time for GenCon. The Civ Toolkit.

Here, our own Moraturi examines civilization, which has long been thought of as one of the strongest factions. And why not? How else would the lands be tamed...?

The Revised Wild Toolkit

Having trouble with your GenCon warband? Moraturi has some suggestions.
Check out the synopsis in the 2013 Wild Toolkit, based on the original by Rakashaka.

Interview with a Chaotic Henchman

Continuing our celebration of 10 years of DDM, we move on to greet an old friend and proponent of the Game. His contributions are the stuff of DDM legend, to both rules development and the development of the community as a whole. He's helped to make this game the friendly monster it is today, and we owe him a lot. So buy him a drink if you see him.

The Decade in Retrospect Part V, The Ongoing Saga

By Moraturi

The restrospective picks up in 2011, with innovation being king and featuring the firstl limited release of a set by the DDM Guild themselves (Feymire).

GenCon Events 2013

As we've warned you before, we will be at GenCon this year, running all types of events from our miniatures HQ. 10 years of DDM. The Tenth Gen Con for us. This is going to be exciting.

Ten Years of DDM: The Decade in Retrospect Part IV: The Guild Era

by Moraturi
The retrospective continues with Part 4, Beginning in 2009. By now, the Guild was firmly in control of the game, and was facing the challenges assocaited with the more limited miniatures release schedule, and with balancing the metagame to make old minis new.
Product Releases for 2009

Early 2009

Decadence: Items of Grandeur

The summer tournament season is upon us, and many of you will be spending that time designing new, interesting and even unexpected warbands. Here are some new toys to do this with.

Ten Years of DDM The Decade in Retrospect: Part III, Transition

We continue with the third in our series of DDM retrospectives.
By Moraturi


Product Releases for 2007

Mid January
The Gargantuan Blue Dragon was released as the third in the line of Icons. This was greeted as one one of the most dynamic gargantuan sculpts to date.

March 5th
Unhallowed was released in booster packs which contained 8 figures (4 Commons, 3 Uncommons, and 1 Rare). There were a total of 60 figures in the set, including a total of 12 Commons, 24 Uncommons and 24 Rares.

July 6th

Ten Years of DDM: The Decade in Retrospect. Part II

By Moraturi

Our retrospective on DDM continues with the golden age of development for the original game, from 2005 to 2006.

Ten Years of DDM: The Decade in Retrospect. Part I

By Moraturi

This year marks the 10th anniversary for the Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures (DDM) game. I felt it was appropriate to have a compiled history of the game, and since I have been around for the entire run of the line, I thought I would be a good candidate to attempt to write it...