Spoiling Tyranny

As the Tyranny of Dragons set goes into final typesetting,we provide you with a glimpse of what is to come. Specifically, two big bad boys that inspire with their unique champion powers, and whose point costs (64 and 46) seem reversed relative to one another. Its appropriate, because they are going to typically find themselves on opposite sides of a battle map.

Icons of the Realms Starter Set

Though it took a while to get this published, I'm very pleased with the results, and I hope you all enjoy it too. These six figures are sure to shake up the metagame and offer interesting new options for warbands in many different formats. Special thanks to Tried and Moraturi for making this happen!

Icons of the Realm Starter Set

Strategy Guide: 200 point Arena

In the penultimate part of this five-part article, Moraturi gives valuable strategy tips for my personal favorite format: 200 point Arena (5 creatures, small maps). Hopefully the warbands listed in this article will inspire interesting new designs for the Map Design Contest that's underway. Thank you again to Moraturi for the analysis! -Ira

200 Point Arena Format

Map Design Contest

Due to generous financial backing from Tobias (and likely Tried as well), we are fortunate to be able to fund the art production and printing of a new double-sided map! We have a commitment from the amazing artist Jason Engle, who has vast map making experience. We will be making small maps (22x17) due to lower art costs, lower printing costs, and legal map balance (there are currently 30 legal large maps and only 8 legal small maps).

Strategy Guide: 100 point Gladiator

In part 3 of this five-part article, Moraturi offers insights into the 100 point Gladiator format (exactly 2 creatures, small maps). Thank you, Moraturi! -Ira

100 Point Gladiator Format

Strategy Guide: 100 point Assault

In part 2 of this five-part article, Moraturi offers insights into the 100 point Assault format (10 creatures max, small maps). Thank you, Moraturi! -Ira

100 Point Assault Format

Strategy Guide: 50 point Assault

In this multi-part article, Moraturi thoughtfully offers many useful strategy tips for formats that are less commonly played. These formats are especially interesting for warband building considerations since fewer of these warbands have ever been tested in competition. I have often used these smaller formats to introduce new players to the game, since they all play quickly. Thank you, Moraturi! -Ira

Strategy Guide: 50 point Assault

Euro Championships and Comicon compete for DDM players

Ok, these two very different events don't really compete for the massive market that is the DDM miniatures player. But, there are examples of the new Icons miniatures being released at Comicon, and the stats for 6 of these are also being released in Prague tonight. And both of these things are worth thinking about as a community from the stat card perspective.

And the Winner is...

...And the winner is... Louis Martineau, also known as Skyscraper. His concept to have a covert piece start from the opponents start area, rather than your own, places a novel and unique perspective on the game. We are releasing the card here.

The Tyranny Contest

As promised in the last announcement, a contest is coming, and this is it. Despite the number of years we've been around, I think this is actually our first design contest. I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas on display!