Battle Rules (2009) -- Revised Beta

Based on feedback from the first beta rules, we’ve made some corrections and changes to the Battle Rules (2009) document. You can download the revised version here:

While this isn’t the final form, we recommend starting to play using these rules right away. The final version will likely change only typos, and add diagrams and the glossary.

Farris Nightbringer, Elf Ranger

The folks who attended the first DDM Guild seminar got a sneak peek at a highly anticipated miniature from Player’s Handbook: Heroes, Eddie Jr.’s Farris Nightbringer, Elf Ranger.

Introducing Battle Rules (2009)

Over the past few months, the DDM Guild has been hard at work at creating a new version of the rules for the D&D Miniatures Game®. Rather than simply update the existing rulebook, we opted to instead take a comprehensive look at what was good about the rules and what could use some work. In the end, we’ve written an entirely new rulebook to describe the game you already play.

Chapter Update

I’m honored to serve as the Guild’s first Chapter Lead. As Chapter Lead, it’s my job to work with the Guild’s Chapter Masters to ensure that the Guild is fulfilling the needs of the individual chapters and the chapter membership as a whole. What is a Chapter Master, you might ask? Great question, and a perfect segue into this month’s update:

From the Pit

Hello, and the Warmest Season’s greetings from the OP pit. It’s a great opportunity to poke my head up and let you know that we’re a hive of activity these days.

Designing DDM

With the DDM Guild carrying forward the D&D Miniatures game, there is, of course, a strong temptation to “make a mark” on the game—to make radical changes to the rules, or to add new rules subsystems “just because one can.” This is also almost always a terrible idea.