Dangerous Delves, Preview 2

Hello! This is your friendly neighborhood Lead Design for Dangerous Delves—well, “lead” in name only, really. One of the most interesting things about this set were the amazing designs that Peter Lee had already done on many of the figures, when they were slated for Feywild.

So, my job was practically done for many of the figures before I even started. Sure, the team had some tweaking on the existing figures to do. Bump a figure’s cost here, change a role there, completely overhaul one there, and so on.

Dangerous Delves, Preview 1

Welcome to the first Dangerous Delves preview! Hopefully, by now, you've gone out and gotten a few of the new Player's Handbook Heroes, Series 1 packs, downloaded the stat cards, and started to flesh out new ideas for warbands.

Many of the stats for Dangerous Delves were originally developed for the Feywild set by Peter Lee (who is co-credited as Lead Designer), with Guild members Stephen Hagan and Michael Domezio contributing additional design and development to the set.

GenCon Event Registration Live

Hey, folks! GenCon event registration went live yesterday. We know historically minis players are typically laid back about registering, and do so fairly late in the process.

But: this is one of the few places where we have concrete visibility into the health of the game, so if you're planning on coming to GenCon, and planning on playing DDM (and why wouldn't you), go, register!

Player's Handbook Heroes, Series 1: Preview 2

With the timeline available to us, this first set was designed a bit differently than most—the timeline was compressed dramatically (from a typical 3-4 months to mere weeks), and several stages of the process are ongoing and overlapping.

So, while I promised final cards for a few figures today, unfortunately, I don't have them. I do have cards in the near-final stage of production, with most of the comments from development integrated.

DDM Guild Repaint: April 2009

Megan Smith, a valued community artist and Chapter Master in Brisbane, Australia, brings us the third in her series of monthly DDM Guild Repaints. Up this month: the Troglodyte Brute From Demonweb.

Player's Handbook Heroes, Series 1: Preview 1

Well, it's that time again. Peter Lee, the current Lead Designer on the D&D Miniatures line has just posted the first preview of the new Player's Handbook Heroes line. His preview focuses on the miniatures and the power cards, of course, since that's what you'll find in the boxes come April 21st.

Organizing DCI-Sanctioned tournaments

Many players of the D&D Miniatures Game don’t realize that the Wizards Play Network (WPN) allows any player of age 18 or older to run DCI-sanctioned D&D Miniatures tournaments at any public location. Manual Dennis, our DDM Guild Chapter Master in the Greater New Orleans (USA) region, has collaborated with us to produce this step-by-step guide to organizing DCI-sanctioned D&D Miniatures tournaments.

Finding and forming a DDM Guild Chapter

A DDM Guild Chapter is a local gaming community, headed by a Chapter Master, and comprised of members who play face-to-face on a regular basis and who have registered for membership with the DDM Guild. Chapter members receive all the regular benefits of DDM Guild membership and also are eligible for participation in special events, such as the DDM Guild Online League. In the future, Chapter members will enjoy organized play rewards and participation in special events.

Unbroken: Issue 2

The second issue of Unbroken, the DDM Guild Newsletter, is now available. Download the newsletter for the latest information on design, organized play, and Chapter activities! Chapter Masters and other Chapter members also may be interested in printing out the first page of the newsletter, as it was designed to be a standalone advertisement for the Guild.

DDM Guild Donations and Premiums

The DDM Guild is a community-driven and fan-based organization. But we are forbidden us from making a profit. We rely on you, our fellow miniatures enthusiasts, to cover the costs of producing game resources. All moneys received via donation will go toward covering the expenses of printing maps and stat cards, maintaining our web server, offering prize support for organized play, etc.