Scenario D2: Drow Intervention

You can now download Scenario D2, Drow Intervention, which can be played as either a two-player game or a multi-player scenario.

The format sees House P'Ortia continue its raids against Clan Mardek. At least it seems like this is the case with a cursory observation. But there certainly are strange things afoot. For one thing, the dwarf sages tell us that Clan P'Ortia isn't one of the demon-blessed drow houses; rather, it is a travel and trade-based house. So why is there a draegloth in that warband?

Legendary Evils Release Events

The DDM Guild is happy to support stores and gaming clubs wishing to continue the tradition of cracking open two brand new boosters and building a warband that would never see play in any other skirmish format. Download our fact sheet for all the information you need to organize or attend a Legendary Evils Release Event.

Release Event Locations

We'll update this map as we learn of more events being held around the globe.

DDM Guild Repaint: August 2009 (Blood Scarab)

Megan Smith, a valued community artist and Chapter Master in Brisbane, Australia, brings us the fifth in her series of monthly DDM Guild Repaints. Up this month: the Blood Scarab from Monster Manual: Dangerous Delves.

Explanation and General Instructions

Megan Smith writes:

DDM Guild Gear

Show your guild pride with official DDM Guild logo merchandise! Just in time for Gen Con, miniatures enthusiasts can choose from a variety of gear. Look for more to be added soon.

Many thanks to Joel "Demetri0us" Broveleit for setting up the site and Jared "OhGodtheRats" vonHindman for donating some of his awesome artwork.

Legendary Evils: Preview 1

Keith Tatroe, lead designer on Monster Manual: Legendary Evils, gives us our first sneak peak at this summer's huge release!

Welcome to the first DDM Guild preview of Legendary Evils! It feels like just yesterday, a new set came out. Or was it yesterday? While Legendary Evils won’t be out until after Gen Con, not everybody is preparing for the upcoming Constructed Championships. Some of us are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share what we've been hard at work on for the past several months.

Battle Rules Updates

I hope you're all prepping your Championship warbands, getting ready to start playing with the Player's Handbook Heroes, Series 2 figures releasing today, and bracing yourself for the rapid Legendary Evils previews starting Thursday.

New DDM Guild Donation Premiums!

Since we first announced the availability of premium gifts for donors, the DDM Guild has received a very enthusiastic response from the community. We've received support from hundreds of players the world over. Today, we'd like to update you on shipping of premiums and introduce a couple of new options.

Event Report: Dutch Open 2009

Our Dutch Chapter Master, David Balder, brings us an excellent report on the Dutch Open 2009 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The Dutch Open, a qualifier for the D&D Miniatures Game European Championship, was organized on the 21st of June. The tournament was visited by 11 players, with two German and one Belgian guest. The tournament ran for 5 rounds without playoffs: we wanted everybody to play as many matches as possible.

Player's Handbook Heroes, Series 2 Stat Cards

It doesn't even seem possible, but the second set of _Player's Handbook Heroes_ miniatures are just around the corner. Soon, you'll have the Rashemi Witch, the Windmaster Mage, and the rest in your hands.

While several of these cards retained stats originally designed and developed for _Feywild_ and other unreleased sets, and several others are reprints of past and upcoming restats, the rest are entirely the Guild's own creations.

The stat cards will be legal for all DCI-sanctioned and Online League events starting July 21, 2009.

2009 Final List of Qualified Players

Unlike previous years, the 2009 Constructed Championship will be a Grand Prix-style event that is open to all players. Stage I of the championship will be held on Friday, August 14, beginning at 9 a.m. All players must register warbands before the start of Stage I. Currently, Stage I is planned for three rounds of play. The number of rounds may change, based on attendance, and top players (also based on attendance) will move on to Stage II of the tournament, which begins on Saturday, August 15, at 9 a.m.