Lords of Madness release!

Here is Lords of Madness, ready for your D&D Miniatures Skirmish needs. The first and only set of this year has a lot of goodies, ready for you to discover. While designing and developing, we’ve encountered some challenges.. you may know Murphy’s Law? But that’s a story for another time.

Set E1, Epic Mages

Here we are, with the release of the Lords of Madness set imminent. And while I’m really looking forward to this release (which, by the way, will definitely be considered one of the absolute classic DDM huge sets) I have other things to tell you about today. This week, in a way, you get a two for one deal. Lords of Madness is pretty well balanced for both standard and the increasingly popular epic levels of play. So, while we are in this epic state of mind, why not whet your appetite for new cards with the release of tournament-legal stats for our first dedicated epic set.

Limited Championships 2010/11

Its time to announce the North American Limited Championships, to take place at Neoncon in Las Vegas.

Now, some of you may have already seen the DDM Guild Blog on the WotC website, so this may not come as a surprise to you. But to others, the idea of using the new Lords of Madness huge set for the championships may seem a little strange. After all, we’ve never had a “huge” containing set used for a Championship before.

GenCon 2010 Champion

We have a new world champion, Joel Broveleit, crowned at Gen Con, and other news from the championships to share, too. So, without further ado…
Going into the top 8, some familar names and some new names are mixed in the top 8.

Joel Barnabe (Vancouver)
(1) 18 points

Shayne Lindeman (Atlanta)
(2) 15 points (Defending Champion)

Gary Ploog (Indianapolis)
(3)15 points

Matthew Noble (Buffalo)
(4) 15 points

Joel Broveleit (Sioux Falls)
(5) 12 points

E1 Beta Release

Here we are including our first pure Epic-themed set, E1, for playtesting. As you browse through the items and cards, I’m certain the Epic theme will be clear.

Download the
E1 stat cards here.

GenCon 2010 Information Sheet

Here’s a quick run down of the events at GenCon. I was just notified (today) that we will be on round tables in Sagamore. As it turns out, they never did arrange for rectangular tables, and for our part, we certainly don’t really want to be anywhere else. So, with several groups around each table, tournament play promises to be an intimate experience.

Online League Double-Play tournament

It’s been only a few weeks since we asked for you feedback in the DDM Guild Online league survey. Demetri0us and bokkenko are working on analyzing the responses so many of you gave, and are implementing changes based on that. They will need a little more time to get it right and so the summer season will start a little later than usual. However, we wanted to keep the ball rolling, so with that in mind we present a special two round mini season:

Scenario G1, another way to play DDM

The guild is pleased to release scenario G1, Escalation, which presents an entirely different way to play Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures. This is the first in the G series of modules, which are meant to be ‘general’ in nature. Rather than following a specific story arc, they can be adapted to a number of different situations, and they typically provide a slightly different format for play. G2, in editing, was written by Jason Lioi and will follow the same pattern.

Gen Con Championship 2010 information

Judging by the posts on the boards, some people are wondering what is going to happen for the Map Rotation and warband building limitations for the North American Championships at Gen Con.

Guild seminar from 2010 EU championships

The DDM Guild has crowned a new European Champion for 2010 at the European D&D Miniatures Championship: Wayne McManus of the United Kingdom. The top 8 matches all were very tense, but the final was over very quickly. You can see for yourself how it went in the VASSAL log that was made of the final match. But the winner was still very proud to be handed Orcus, Prince of Undeath after his victory, as you can see on this picture.