Beholder Collector's set

Welcome to the Beholder Collector’s Set ‘Rules’ released by the DDM Guild. To mark this memorable event, the Guild has issued new stats for each figure included in the set. Astute players will note that some of these figures are recasts of earlier beholder miniatures. Those of you who have an eye for the letter of the rules will also point out that, as such, should probably use pre-existing stat cards for play.

December 2010 repaint: Kobold Slinger

I, Megan Smith, Chapter Master in Brisbane, Australia, really liked getting Organized Play repaints. So much that I’ve taken it upon myself to bring DDM Guild Repaints back to life. This is number seventeen, a Christmas Kobold Slinger from Lords of Madness.

This one is a bit more work than normal, and includes a little modification of the mini, but the end result is worth it.

Revision of 2010 banned figures

After much analysis, we are happy to anounce the return to play of our three previously banned figures albeit in modified form. These figures used to be “must includes” in the old metagame, but, if we’ve done our homework right, have now dropped to the status of “need to consider” when building your own warband

Original Edition Legendary Evils

After a long wait, here is the second set of retro-stats for dungeons and dragons miniatures.

These stats outline the evil that lurks in the legendary evils huge set, or in the mind of Peter Scott (the lead designer), depending upon your viewpoint. And so, without further ado, its time to roll a morale check…

Legendary Evils

Heroscape Wave 13 Beta

While we design large sets, like Lords of Madness, it seems we are usually so busy that we never actually relate what goes into the process of design. Usually, we have a theme in mind for a given miniature. Sometime, its really obvious what this is, and sometimes less so. With the release of four figures for Heroscape that were originally sculpted for DDM (see arrows in the image below), it provides an opportunity for us to spend a little time relating how this thought process goes on. At the same time, there is a fair bit of sadness.

Limited Championships 2010/2011 report

NeonCon in Las Vegas saw the DDM Guild crown a new limited Champion, Joel Barnabe of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Joel, known on most boards as Kezghan, won in the finals against Joel Broveleit, the reigning constructed champion. Both Joels are pictured here, with Joel Barnabe holding his amazing Beholder Set provided by Wizards of the Coast, and Astral Giant repaint by Peter Lee, lead minis designer for Wizards of the Coast.

Epic Trihorn Behemoth

For those of you who did not play in any of the release events, or in the championship at Neon Con, you probably need to know something that may take you by surprise. You see, there is a second Trihorn Behemoth in your Lords of Madness boosters. Older. Tougher. Just plain meaner.

November 2010 repaint: Town Guard

I, Megan Smith, Chapter Master in Brisbane, Australia, really liked getting Organized Play repaints. So much that I took it upon myself to bring the DDM Guild Repaints back to live. This is number sixteen: the Human Town Guard from Lords of Madness.

With a new set of minis bringing a new set of commons to paint, we are back. This first one is nice and easy.

Module G2: Messenger

The undead hordes are loose in the forest, and the elves are quickly becoming overwhelmed. They cannot stand alone against the growing dark force. Their only chance is to get aid from allies to the west. But can their messenger get through?

Scenario G2, messenger, was written by 2005 constructed champion Jason Lioi, and details the plight of these unfortunate elves. The scenario also includes long-awaited campaign cards for the undead and for the elves. You can download the scenario here.

Rules Update: Squeezing

The current version of the Battle Rules leaves a little ‘wiggle room’ when it comes to squeezing. In particular, for example, players can theoretically take any number of free actions in a turn. Since each squeeze and unsqueeze can translocate a huge creature over one square, this creates an issue. While most players can come to an agreement as to how squeezing works in fun play, its probably a good idea for OP to update this rule for the fall tournament season, with a dedicated update in the rulebook to follow for 2011.