The Rarest of the Rare

Moraturi put together this article and sent it to me awhile ago. I've been delinquent in posting it, and I think it's wonderful. Enjoy!

The Rarest of the Rare
by Moraturi

A number of people collect the DnD minis simply to collect them. I love the skirmish game for a number of reasons, but I am also a collector. If you have read any articles about collecting, I fall into the category of "Completest". I like to own as many of the possible minis as possible. This article is about collecting the really rare stuff.

New Maps!

Some of you might remember a DDM Map Design contest from more than a year ago. I've been reluctant to post much about it because I wasn't entirely sure we'd ever actually get new maps. It's a long process to refine the maps, playtest, work with the artists, revise, work with printers, revise, get the maps printed, and eventually make them available for sale.

The Alpha Solo Beta

Hmmm. Maybe calling the original solo creature release alpha, then releasing it as a beta, wasn't the best way to do things in a clear way. But the creatures released here are quite awesome, and should allow us to answer the question as to whether a single creature can be an entire warband. While they are not yet legal, we hope that some play testing and your advice will allow us to will place these creatures in good legal stead.

The Not-So-Glass Menagerie.

Tennessee Williams wrote the Glass Menagerie in 1944, and an iconic glass unicorn from that play is the symbol of this set. This set does include a Unicorn, but its definitely not weaker than those made previously. Aside from a few 'glass cannons,' the similarities to the play end there. And by class cannons, I would suggest a certain undead piece above 130 points that now does the highest outright damage in the game. But only has 80 HP himself. One of the most scary enemies in D&D, it can now be a real threat in DDM.

2016 Compiled Card Revisions

Since the beginning of DDM, we've never wanted to ban miniatures.
But we started in 2010, as part of an effort to keep the competitive play atmosphere healthy.

The best competition has nobody holding back their creativity, or avoiding a warband because its simply too good for competitive play and will make them unpopular.

We added six new creatures to the Banned list this year - briefly. Then we gave them new cards and re-released them. Nobody wants a miniature that just sits on a shelf, collecting dust, do they?

All the Rage....

Its been a long road.

There have been contests, revisions, back and forth with designers. There have been previews, and the work is not yet done, because two pieces are not yet released. (they are coming in the solo monsters set beta next weekend). Lots of interactions here. But all the pieces are playworthy, or close to it, and I think this could even be a favored set for sealed.

In the end, I think you will agree it is a very strong SET.
Enough said, already,
Go play.

Smoke and Fire...

Poof! The Genie appears, eager to make the heroes wishes come true, altering reality. Sear! The Efreeti appears with more base intentions, often bringing with him some fiery friends. These are the magical elemental creatures from Rage of Demons, and they are both prone to travel with others of their kind.

Drow in Ascension

Wizard, Rogue, Fighter .... Barbarian? Ok. Maybe not quite what you think of when you think of Drow, but, when one considers the number of Drow priests and simple warriors out there, maybe its time to round things out. I think you will agree, however, that this quartet is a power up to the whole Drow community. Welcome the four new Drow from the upcoming set. I think you will find that they have wonderful synergies...

The first up is the Drider Brutefang.
A Drider. Who is a Brute.

A Demon and his dog...

This is the first Nelfeshnee (actually the name of one of three original type IV demons) that can see play in 200 point games (or even 100). He's a bruiser for the most part, but there is some cunning to him. You can already guess his demonic point value. And in a pinch, he can summon his little dog, too!

Tentacles from the Deep Earth

Just as the Lizardfolk might rule the rivers, and the elves the forests, there are places in the deep earth that one doesn't want to visit. Places where tentacles and death, or even undeath, are common. This week's preview combines all this goodness , or more appropriately, "ungoodness,' into a single creature...