A Demon and his dog...

This is the first Nelfeshnee (actually the name of one of three original type IV demons) that can see play in 200 point games (or even 100). He's a bruiser for the most part, but there is some cunning to him. You can already guess his demonic point value. And in a pinch, he can summon his little dog, too!

Tentacles from the Deep Earth

Just as the Lizardfolk might rule the rivers, and the elves the forests, there are places in the deep earth that one doesn't want to visit. Places where tentacles and death, or even undeath, are common. This week's preview combines all this goodness , or more appropriately, "ungoodness,' into a single creature...

Don't go into the woods...

Its pretty common knowledge in an fantasy milieu. You don't want to go into the woods, because there are nasty things in there. In particular, nobody wants to go into the woods to fight Elves. That hasn't been the case in DDM, but the creature we preview this week may change all of that.

This is the Wood Elf Champion designed by Lars (Laurian on the boards), and I am going to let him take it from here.

Spoiling a New Kind of Savage Hero

For the second preview, we look at another contest winner: The Lizardman Fighter. There were many thoughts about how to do this guy, but I think we've fit him into a very cool 20-ish point Niche. The kind of place where Snig or Regdar might want to play, if either of them was in the Wild faction. But, like either of them, this lizard guy is a unique.

Rage of Demons Spoilers begin...

We are hard at work developing some of the designs for Rage of Demons. I've got a pretty good feel for what I want from this set. Its strange to say I want to add new options while pushing existing limits, but that's what we hope to do with this set. I have to say, I liked many of the designs posted. They can't be published as is, but today we will look at one that comes close to the original contest design.

The Rage of Demons Contest

The Rage of Demons set is being developed here at Guild headquarters, and we decided it could be a lot of fun to have a set of stats developed, in part, by the players. And you know what that means.
Design Contest!

Elemental Evil: The Iconic Adventure Continues...

This is the end of 2015, the seventh year of Guild-run minis. And with the end of this year, we will release the final set of stats from the 2015 Elemental Evils set. Seems a fitting end to the year, even as we look forward to cool things in 2016...

Spoiling Elemental Evil: Curious Commons

With Elemental Evils in final development, (and design beginning on Rage of Demons) it seems a good time to begin spoiling some of the creatures in the E. Evils set. One may find some rather unexpected things in this particular set, which will offer new approaches to warband building. This will open new doors for both competitive and casual play.

The Forthcoming Year in DDM

Some of you have been wondering what the 'announcements' I made in Europe were, and others may have already shared or started rumors. This is all good! There was nothing super secret or arcane about the little talk I gave. I simply detailed my plans for the next set of rules and development. I finally found time to put down in writing and expand some of these details.

Euros and GenCon Epic Promos

GenCon is upon us, and I wanted to share the new Promo statted figures with everyone that I first shared with the European players. The stats are for a pair of classic older figures that simply didn't quite make the cut (no pun intended, Bladebearer...)